I am an atheist because I’m too smart not to be. I was raised a christian, I was baptized catholic, my parents got divorced and mom got remarried, so we started attending my stepdad’s church. It was one of those 5000 seat evangelical churches with people speaking in tongues and fainting and all of that silliness. I was always skeptical of religion, I remember being admonished in sunday school when I was 6 because because I asked how god came to be, I mean, if everything complex requires a creator doesn’t that mean someone created god? I really came to dislike organized religion when I was fifteen and two men from the church showed up at our house and said “We’ve noticed you having been tithing lately, would you like to make a donation tonight?” That was a revelation for me, religion wasn’t about morals or eternal life, it was about money and power. The head pastor of our church drove a brand new Cadillac and had just built a $400,000 home and they have the nerve to come to our home and ask for more?
I decided to worship god in my own way, but rationality eventually set in. I’m interested in science, physics, biology, astronomy, my studying of these subjects helped me come some conclusions about god, namely, that while I admit there may be a chance that god exists, it’s about the same chance that there is a monster living under my bed. I can lay in bed with the sheets pulled over my head and not get out of bed until the sun comes out, or I take a chance and get out of bed in the dark to go to the bathroom. Sure, there’s a chance the monster will grab me and eat me, but at least I won’t be sleeping in a puddle of my own piss.


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