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Anonymous: CoS Breaking UK Laws

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Hello, this is Anonymous.

It has been discovered by Anonymous that several high level managers within the Church of Scientology are currently working in the United Kingdom

without the appropriate work permits. They are effectively working and living in the country as illegal immigrants. This information has been passed to the

UK Border Agency, who are now mounting an investigation.

This Information concerns the following individuals:

US Citizen Maia Dube. Commanding Officer of the Commodore’s Messengers Organization UK

Canadian citizen Janet Laveau. Head of the Office of Special Affairs UK, Scientology’s Intelligence division.

Bob Bledsoe of the United States. Commanding Officer of the Continental Liaison Office UK

John Danilovoch of the United States. Captain of the Advanced Org Saint Hill UK

Australian Colin Davie. Commanding Officer of the Flag Operations Liaison Office UK

Melanie Schwandt of the United States. Deputy Religious Technology Centre Representative UK

Lucky Story of the United States. Executive Director of London Org

Information obtained by Anonymous strongly suggests that a scheme to attempt to circumvent the work permit requirements of the United Kingdom is

being used on a regular basis. The source of this information is documentation that was carelessly discarded by a law firm retained by the Church of

Scientology in the UK. This information has now been passed to the proper authorities.

The method to this scheme is as follows: Scientology staff members acquire a visitor visa prior to entering the UK, then just before this is due to expire,

they fly to an airport within France or another country within the European Union. From there they fly to Dublin or Cork in Ireland where they stay

overnight, getting the visa stamped in Ireland enabling them to travel back to the United Kingdom under another visitor visa.

The Church of Scientology will undoubtedly attempt to attack Anonymous for revealing this information and attempt to discredit said information.
This is to be expected. However, journalists and other interested parties should be able to independently corroborate it via other sources now that the

technique used has actually been revealed. Anonymous is aware that this is a highly serious allegation, however, the Border Agency of the United

Kingdom is taking this matter very seriously. Anonymous suggests that any journalists who wish to follow up on this story contact the Border Agency for

further comments and an official response.

Anonymous also expects these members of staff to be reassigned as soon as the cult hears of this investigation. This may already have happened and if

the Church of Scientology attempts to suggest that these people have already left the UK and never worked in the country, then this will be why. However,

a paper trail and evidence of their actions will still exist and Anonymous is confident that the UK Border Agency will be thorough in their investigation.

It is not Anonymous that is guilty of crimes, but rather the Church of Scientology that has neither respect for the law nor personal freedoms.Their attempts

to circumvent immigration laws is further evidence of this, as are the growing number of assaults perpetrated by Scientologists worldwide against

Anonymous Protesters. several of which have been filmed and documented. The release of this information and the full co-operation of Anonymous with

the Border Agency of the United Kingdom should speak for itself; and is in direct contrast to the Church of Scientology’s disregard for anything other than

furthering its own agenda.

Regardless, Anonymous finds humor in the fact that the Church of Scientology’s United Kingdom operation has been caught in this way. furthermore,

Anonymous will be informing other Immigration officials across the globe of the current violations in the united kingdom being committed by the Church of

Scientology. Anonymous promised new and invigorated tactics to be revealed on 08-08-08, and as always, Anonymous delivers.

We are AnonyMouS.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect Us.




What Do I Believe?

Many times when I tell people that I am an atheist, the question they ask is “So what do you believe?”

I believe in the scientific method

I believe in what I can see

I believe in the big bang and evolution

I believe that in our vast universe, god would have bigger things to worry about than us

I believe that most people are inherently good

I believe that religion can make a good person do bad things

I believe that religion has slowed human progress throughout history

I believe that all people should be treated equally as we are all the same species

I believe that all children should receive a quality education

I believe that no person should ever be without food and shelter when we have plenty for everyone

I believe it is part of the human condition to seek meaning in life

I believe this search for meaning leads many people to religion

I believe that I have hit the biological jackpot by existing

I believe that this life is my only chance to get things right so I better make the most of it

That’s what I believe, what do you believe?

Where is Your God Now Fred Phelps?

The infamous Westboro Baptist Church, known for it’s protests of homosexuals at the funerals of Iraq war veterans, because there are obviously a lot of queers in the military, was the victim of arson this weekend.  I am stunned, as I thought god only brought down his anger upon the non-believers and sodomites (little known fact, god hates butt sex, he had a bad experience at summer camp).  Mr. Phelps claims that US soldiers die in Iraq, not because George Dubya Bush sent them to fight an illegal war for profit, but because the US tolerates homosexuals (by tolerate I mean that we let them do their thing but deny them any kind of rights as couples, because the good lord made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, Steve is definitely not a biblical name).

There were two church members sleeping in the church when the fire broke out, obviously these individuals were having anal sex, they forgot to use some lube, and the friction caused a spark that ignited god’s fury and damn near burnt the place to the ground, but thanks to god (and the Westboro Fire Department) the church was saved, although it incurred $30,000 in damage.  Fred Phelps wrote a letter to the US Attorney General asking him to investigate this as a hate crime.  I would have to agree that this may qualify as a hate crime, although that is hard to prove since there isn’t any evidence that it was a hate crime other than the fact that the church is full of douchebags.  I don’t condone lighting places on fire to protest things, I would recommend a protest with a bunch of half-naked flamboyant homosexuals on gay pride parade floats in front of the church.  The only problems with this is that the Westboro Bapist Church is located between Nowhere and East Fucking Nowhere, so it isn’t likely to attract much attention.

Mr. Phelps, your imaginary god may hate fags, but reasonable people hate you.